About Lisa

BSc (hons) Podiatry 

Member of the Royal College of Podiatry

HCPC registered Podiatrist

POM-S entitlement (supply/sale)

POM-A entitlement (administration)

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My Story

I would classify myself as a general Podiatrist who treats a broad spectrum of foot problems. I have always enjoyed variation and I like how every patient's complaint is personal to them. This makes the job interesting as you never know what you're going to see on a day to day basis!

I qualified from the University of Plymouth in 2014 with a BSc in Podiatry, where I spent time working as a student Podiatrist in a number of different NHS trusts. It was there that I was able to shadow Podiatric and Orthopaedic surgeons, and this has provided me with an understanding of what surgical options may be possible for patients when conservative treatment is not suitable. 


Post graduation I joined the NHS. It was here that I gained experience in treating patients with Diabetes and liaising with other healthcare workers; both of which I still do today. 

After about a year I moved into the private sector and worked in two multidisciplinary clinics. Working alongside other healthcare professionals was great as we were able to offer a holistic approach to each patient and also share professional opinions regarding treatment plans. I believe it is important where possible to involve other clinicians as many complaints are multifaceted. 

I started my own business in 2016 in order to work independently and took experience from each workplace to provide a service that puts the patient's needs first. My aim is to offer a healthcare service that treats an array of foot related problems with the most innovative methods, and I regularly undergo training to achieve this. 

I love running (for the most part) and the gym, both of which compliment my interest in treating sports injuries and alleviating foot pain.